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hi everyone. I would like to share some advice about relationships I have sum up today ,hope you guys will like it.

1. It’s not age that brings you into marriage, it’s love.

2. Always keep 20% mystery. Unreserved women, like a movie that has been spoiled, snuffed out the idea of letting men see the ending.

3. Cherish the boys who reason with you. Reason for you is that he is seriously planning for your future, and he hopes to create the future with you.

4. Material is not the most important factor in emotion, but it must exist.

5. Most of the pain in love comes from three expectations:

He must be the most perfect, other people’s boyfriends can’t be better than him, otherwise I’m very sad.

He must always miss me and tell me everything, or he will never put me in his heart.

He must love me 100% and be considerate to me, otherwise he just doesn’t love me.

6,Don’t try to change each other. Because most people don’t succeed in creating a satisfactory partner

7. If you want to love someone, learn to love yourself first.

8. Women need to be independent forever, both mentally and financially. Because no one likes a person who likes to ask for money from others

9. Trust each other. Remember: trust is the knack of maintaining emotions, and suspicion is the shortcut to destroy them.

10. To be frank is a necessary quality for a mature love. Hiding will make things more complicated. You can constantly deduct points for him in your heart, but he can’t remedy it

11. Give him space. Proper space can increase the freshness of love. A person likes potatoes very much, and he will be tired of eating them every day. Similarly, if you stay with a person every day, you will be tired of it.

12. Don’t take your partner’s kindness for granted, and don’t lose yourself unilaterally. Only by giving each other can we maintain the balance of emotional income and expenditure.

13. Don’t be stingy with praise. Boys need a sense of worship.

14. Consciously keeping a distance from the opposite sex is respect for your partner.

15. Understand each other. When your partner is upset, don’t ask why. Try to understand him. If necessary, listen to him. Try to be an understanding partner.

16. It is a high-risk bet to covet only one boy to be good to you. The sense of security should be self-sufficient. The right people will not leave you, and the people who leave you are not right.

17. Don’t talk about breaking up too much.

18. No matter of principle, choose to support the other party. Let him do what he likes. The positive feedback of support is that in a relationship, he is willing to show more love.

19, communication can solve 90% of contradictions, love can digest 10% of bad emotions.

20,Good love must be positive. Let you become worse and worse love, is shit, please stop loss in time.

21. Express that you love him ,not necessarily to say, but to let him feel that.Sending him a surprise and cooking a meal for him are all ways to express love.

22. Boys prefer girls who say “no” more subconsciously. Men have the desire to conquer, also for a woman is more difficult to follow, they are willing to spend more time and energy on the woman who refused him.

23,Don’t believe what a man says depends on what he does.

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