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Learning How to Use LinkedIn

Learn How to Receive Recommendations on LinkedIn 

Website Success Using LinkedIn 

Changing How I do Business Using LinkedIn .
How Professionals Can Benefit From LinkedIn
Improve Web Traffic Combining LinkedIn and Facebook 
Is Your Private Information Being Leaked on LinkedIn 
8 Ways to Maximize Your LinkedIn and Your Personal Branding 
Getting the Most From LinkedIn Searches 
Building Meaningful LinkedIn Relationships 
Building Strong Business Connections on LinkedIn 
6 Top LinkedIn Open Networkers you Should be Following 
Top Ways to Maximize Your LinkedIn Profile
Adding Admins to Your LinkedIn Company Profile
Top 5 LinkedIn Marketing Tips for Business 
How to Brand Yourself in LinkedIn 
How to Create Your Personal Brand Using LinkedIn .
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Maximizing the Value of Your LinkedIn Company Page 

Marketing With LinkedIn

Learning How to Use LinkedIn

You have likely already heard a great deal about LinkedIn. While eight years old it is only in the

last while that word is really getting out about just how powerful this site can be to your

business. If you have not yet used LinkedIn or you are relatively new to the site, you’ll find some

great tips here that can help you maximize this social media platform and get the most out of i.

LinkedIn is an excellent tool for building your business and establishing relationships with

individuals within your niche market. If you use the following tips, you’ll see results. It won’t take

you long to build a strong following and accumulate connections. Your connection to other

professionals will grow daily. One of the most important things about LinkedIn is finding the right

persons to connect with to get the best results if you are using powerful strategies to target


The best way to start building your LinkedIn network is to join groups. The key is to not hesitate.

Instead, jump in with both feet and start participating in discussions and making those

connections. Make yourself a goal to add at least one new connection every day. Over time, the

results will become evident.

It is really important that you have your LinkedIn profile 100% finished. Incomplete profiles have

the potential to hinder your ability to be found on the site. The more information you are willing

to share the more trust you will build and the more likely you are to enjoy success with your

LinkedIn profile.

When creating your LinkedIn profile makes sure you upload a good picture of yourself. Don’t put

up glamour and don’t put up your company logo. Use this spot to help to create to a visual for

those individuals that look at your profile. Let them see who you are.

Make sure that you obtain at least a few recommendations, which give you credibility. The

easiest way to get a recommendation is to give a recommendation. Continue to build these over

time. The more the better.

Finally, seek out groups that are relevant to your niche, your industry, your profession, etc. The

more groups you join the more opportunities to promote yourself and your company. Don’t

forget to take advantage of the company pages that you can build for no cost. It is yet another

tool to help you promote and grow your business.

LinkedIn is a social media site just as Facebook is. However, they are much different. There is

no place for children or teens here. This is a site that’s for business owners, professionals,

entrepreneurs, and freelancers.

Learn How to Receive Recommendations on LinkedIn

When others recommend you on LinkedIn, it aids in you in establishing credibility. These days,

a LinkedIn recommendation could be the difference between you getting a position and not

getting a position. SO how do you get someone who you have done business with to write a

recommendation for you? Glad you asked. Read on to find out how.

Even when the other party says “sure” they will write you a recommendation, the question

becomes can they write a good one. Just because a person is an excellent business owner

doesn’t mean they are a great writer.

A recommendation needs to be professional and it needs to tell those reading it why you are

recommended. Are you reliable? Do you do excellent work? Are you affordable? Are you top in

your field? You get the idea.

If you write a recommendation for the party you are asking for a recommendation from, it

accomplished two things. First, they will feel more obligated to provide that recommendation to

you. Second, if you write a good recommendation about the other party, then they can use that

as a bit of a template for writing yours and it is much more likely to be exactly what you want.

Make sure there is no swearing or cussing in the recommendation a person writes for you. A

recommendation should begin with the ‘best’ thing about the person. It should be brief, concise,

and to the point.

However, you should never write a recommendation for someone you have not worked with

personally, because you are putting your reputation on the line when you do so. Go ahead and

link to anyone that you link to anyone that you like, just be a little more cautious when it comes

to who you will write a recommendation.

This brings up another point. If someone you haven’t worked for directly offers to write a

recommendation for you, it is a good idea to not accept that recommendation. The reason being

is you do not know anything about that person and as a result if they are less than reputable

that will reflect on you and could be very detrimental to you in your quest to nail that perfect job,

to get freelance contracts, etc.

Recommendations are one of the most powerful tools that LinkedIn offers, and they certainly set

the site aside from other social media sites. Make sure you get the maximum value from them.

Website Success Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn – it seems to have become one of the buzzwords but still only, a few actually

understand much about LinkedIn other than its stock continues to grow in value. LinkedIn is

where you will find 100 million professionals who have gathered. It’s a forward thinking concept,

that’s smart and focused.

There are a lot of people that still think of LinkedIn as a site where online resumes are stored.

What many don’t realize is that LinkedIn is eight years old. It came to being long before the

Great Recession. Moreover, while it is useful in connecting people to job that was really is only

a small portion of the creator’s vision for the site. Today the site is so much more than that.

As the economy changes and adapts, LinkedIn will be able to continuously offer value to

professionals in a number of ways, not just to find jobs. We already have had a taste of where

the creators are taking the site. We have seen:

Signal – It’s a tool that allows you to see what is happening in your network by letting you sort

through relevant tweets, status updates, and connections. Are you ready for the next rollouts

that LinkedIn developers are going to introduce?

You will be happy to know that it’s as easy as can be. Make sure your profile is credible. Take

some time to review it at least a couple of times for accuracy. Check to ensure it is complete

and that there is no important information missing. Is your story consistent?

Give your connections the attention they deserve. If you do not have enough connections, you

will miss out on the powerful tools LinkedIn offers. If you have too many connections then these

phenomenal tools also become useless because your network is really just junk. So choose

your connections wisely.

Do not be afraid to connect with your connections. Every now and then drop by their profile and

say ‘hi,’ ask how their family is doing, or how they have been feeling. If you are aware that

someone is completing a major project and find out how things are going and if they are coming


It really is very simple. Whether you are looking to find a job, get yourself promoted, or find out

more about what is happening in your particular field you will be ready. When you use LinkedIn

as the powerful tool, it is you can enjoy website success.

Changing How I do Business Using LinkedIn

If you find yourself wondering if LinkedIn could have a positive affect on your business, the

answer is an emphatic yes. Many online business owners will tell you that LinkedIn is one of

their most valuable tools.

Participating in LinkedIn is a great way to bring in questions and queries that are later converted

into paying sales. Many businesses have been able to get business directly from LinkedIn. The

key is patience. You won’t generate revenue overnight but the customers you do establish often

become long-term customers.

If you are targeting B2B companies, LinkedIn will be a very valuable tool, as it is preferred over

Twitter and Facebook according to a recent study. However, it is not enough to just put up a

profile. You will need to take the time to create a detailed profile, and then you need to

participate on the site. Groups are a great way to do that.

When it comes to groups, the more the merrier. Seek out groups that meet your profession,

your industry, or your niche. Then make sure you engage in conversation on those groups. Over

time, you will increase traffic to your website, and you can improve your Google ranking. Make

sure you use Google Analytics so that you can see where your traffic is coming from.

Do not make the mistake of thinking LinkedIn is just a source of business. It is so much more.

You can use it to seek our vendors; find consultants, hire professionals, and these same people

can refer business over to you.

Group discussions can be a valuable source of information. You can learn all kinds of great

things like streamlining business procedures, learning how to use LinkedIn to change how you

do business, finding ways to find better vendors and suppliers. The groups are a wealth of

information. If you participate in the groups you are a member of, you will also be a source of

information for others. It’s a two way street and when used properly can be very beneficial.

The internet has changed the way we do business. Social media has changed the way business

is done even more, and LinkedIn, which prides itself in being a business resource, simply takes

things a little further keeping things focused and business related. If you are not yet using

LinkedIn, the time has come for you to sign up and begin to enjoy the benefits it has to offer.

How Professionals Can Benefit From LinkedIn

Professionals turn to LinkedIn as a method of communication. By creating relationships and

sustaining those relationships, they can enjoy the full benefit of LinkedIn. LinkedIn builds

credibility, which in turn provides networking opportunities to professionals.

Referrals that are obtained through a professional LinkedIn network offers a number of

opportunities These referrals are also more qualified and because LinkedIn offers a very

efficient method to build your referral base, it’s extremely popular. LinkedIn is an excellent forum

to network and to build referral systems that are strong and reliable.

When you connect with individuals on LinkedIn, you then are able to take advantage of what are

referred to as second and third tier contacts. You can take advantage of these levels in order to

further build your referral base. It can quickly gain momentum and before long, it will be growing


Quality not quantity are the best motivators. When you are connecting with individuals on

LinkedIn, it is more important that you look for quality connections. Qualify your connections

before you start sending out he invites. When you are communicating with any of the referrals,

you should reference “LinkedIn Today.” The news section will provide you with relevant industry

news that can help you determine quality and relevance.

LinkedIn continuously adds new products and apps that help to improve the professional lives of

those using LinkedIn, which is more than just a place people go when they are looking for jobs.

LinkedIn focuses on building relationships through groups and by using “LinkedIn Today.”

Other like-minded professional contacts, which was made so that you can communicate freely.

You will be updated with industry news that is relevant, so you will be prepared and ready.

LinkedIn is able to use a vanity URL specified for the business, which can be more professional

and easier to find on LinkedIn. LinkedIn offers job postings and it offers tracking of information

such as when individuals leave a company, along with day-to-day tasks.

Groups are one of the most powerful tools that LinkedIn offers. Not only should you join relevant

groups, you should participate in those groups. Doing so can be far reaching and it can lead to

new business, which translates to more jobs, and increased revenues.

When you use all or some of the tools that LinkedIn has to offer you can create a profile that can

have maximum impact. As a professional, you’ll discover opportunities you never dreamed of.

Improve Web Traffic Combining LinkedIn and Facebook

Many have willingly dove into using Facebook, but those same people are often hesitant to try

LinkedIn. That’s mostly because they do not really understand what LinkedIn is. Let’s look at the

difference between these two, and why it is important to actually use both.

It was on September 26, 2006 that Facebook went public. Anyone that was age 13 or older was

allowed to join the site. Since then, teens, moms, dads, young adults, grandmas, grandpas, and

adults alike have arrived in droves at Facebook so that they could stay in touch with friends and

family. The site has few restrictions and is all about personal social networking. You post you

landed that new job, you tell your friends that your boy just scored the winning goal, or you post

pictures of your kid’s birthday party.

This is where LinkedIn differs. There’s really no place for children’s sporting events, or birthday

parties here. LinkedIn is a social network for professionals. On LinkedIn, you can connect with

coworkers, colleagues, and professionals and others that you meet while you are networking.

It’s an excellent place to connect with others that like-minded, gather ideas, and find career

opportunities with potential.

Resume is setup rather like a resume that’s professional and polished. Make sure you take

advantage of all the features on the site. The LinkedIn groups are of great value and an

excellent way to network and meet others.

LinkedIn is not just for you to connect with those you know or with people from within your own

industry. Make sure to think outside the box. Thinks about what industries might compliment

your own. Then connect with individuals from those industries. Join groups and then seek out

those with the same professional interests you have. Then you can connect with them.

On Facebook, find people you know and people who share your interests or your profession.

Join groups and pages, then reach out to those individuals within the groups or pages, and

connect with them.

So let’s recap what each has to offer.

Use Facebook to:

Connect with friends and family

Reveal your personal feelings and thoughts

Keep up-to-date with friends and family

Chat with friends

Post personal photos and videos

Share fun information

Follow brands you like

Participate in groups

Connect with professionals, colleagues, and coworkers

Post your online resume

Connect with like-minded people

Find potential career opportunities

Share your expertise

Learn from others

To keep up-to-date with your professional networks.

When you understand the differences between Facebook and LinkedIn, you can use both to

bring traffic to your site. Both are very valuable tools to bring traffic to your site.

Is Your Private Information Being Leaked on LinkedIn

One of the most common concerns that arise by those using LinkedIn is whether or not their

private information is being leaked out to the internet and to the public. What you may not

realize is that this leaking of information can be very beneficial to you and your business. There

is a lot of information on social media sites like LinkedIn.

There’s plenty to take away from the company information that can be found on LinkedIn. The

competitive intelligence and marketing information is invaluable. There are tons of valuable

information on this social media site for anyone who is seeking to get their hands on corporate


On LinkedIn, individuals are busy promoting their professional credentials and tend to share a

lot of information. If you use some of the LinkedIn search tools that are available for free, you

can pull out the information that you need.

You may be surprised at just how many corporate secrets are actually floating around on

LinkedIn. Employees have a tendency to share information that they think is harmless, when in

fact it is often providing the competition with information they need.

For example, Company A’s employees writes in his status “I just signed the largest Wi-Fi

contract that’s ever been signed at a whopping $10 million dollars.” Company B is wondering

what the competition has been doing with their Wi-Fi contracts. They obtain this information on

LinkedIn, which otherwise may have been very difficult to obtain.

While what you find might not be earth shattering. If you take just 10 minutes to surf the site

looking for information on Apple you would discover:

*In 60 days Apple shipped 2 million iPads.

*On launch day, there were more than 300,000 iPads available.

*Apple HR had more than 30 internal sites.

If your company has strategic information that you do not want to find searchable on LinkedIn,

you should consider using one of the software programs that will monitor your LinkedIn profile(s)

watching for posts on your company.

So what does your LinkedIn profile or your LinkedIn company page say about you. What are

you sharing with the world, and is it information that you wanted to share? Have a final look to

make sure you have no ‘company secrets’ floating around that you didn’t intend to share, and

instruct your employees on what is considered acceptable posts about what is going on in within

the company.

8 Ways to Maximize Your LinkedIn and Your Personal Branding

Personal branding is key to your success and LinkedIn is an excellent tool to help you achieve

that. Let’s look at 8 ways to maximize your LinkedIn and your personal branding.

1. Make the Most of your Profile

Using your LinkedIn profile properly is very important. When you communicate with others on

the site, your profile will speak for you. Don’t just upload any photo, upload a good photo. Don’t

upload your logo here. People want to see what you look like. Make sure you completely fill out

your profile – do not leave any areas blank.

2. Build Your Contacts

When you first join LinkedIn you need to build your contact base. Connect present and past

colleagues along with your alumni from your university or college.

3. Recommendations

Recommendations are very important. In fact, it is one of the most powerful tools that LinkedIn

has to offer. That’s because people recognize recommendations as sincere and trustworthy.

Other people must write them and they are very hard to fake or forge.

4. Use Groups

There are three ways you can use groups: lead generation, increase your LinkedIn profile

development, and personal development by learning from

5. Promoting Events

Using LinkedIn to promote your events is a very wise move. You can easily target your

audience and you can spread your information quickly all the while establishing your personal


6. Use Your Status Updates

The LinkedIn status updates are not used to their full potential. However, that’s been changing a

little bit thanks to the integration of Twitter with your LinkedIn profile, a move that was much

needed. Update your LinkedIn profile with relevant blog posts and news. When you use your

status updates wisely they can play an integral role in your person branding.

7. Using Applications

LinkedIn offers a very good learning center to help you get the most out of the various apps that

are available including the best way to go about creating your personal bonding.

8. Networking for Lead Generation

LinkedIn is a very powerful tool for you to use to connect with others who are looking to

individuals from within the corporate community. When you take full advantage of the tools

LinkedIn offers you can build a powerful personal brand. It will not take as long as you might

think, and it is worth every bit of time you put into it.

Getting the Most From LinkedIn Searches

There are plenty of social media sites out there and LinkedIn is one of them. Unlike Facebook,

which caters to users of all ages over 13, from all walks of life, and with all kinds of interests,

LinkedIn is far more focused. LinkedIn is the best social media site for professionals,

businesses, and freelancers alike. There is no room here for teens or hobbies. This is a site that

allows you to promote yourself and your company and to network with other businesses within

similar markets.

One of the powerful tools that LinkedIn has to offer is the ability to search. When you know how

to get the most from your LinkedIn searches, you can truly get the most out of the site. LinkedIn

is built on a highly evolved platform with a well-developed search platform that is broken into six

separate sections. Each of these sections will offer you a mix of suggestions as you type. The

advanced search is a very powerful tool.

6 Sections for Advanced Searches

Here is the brake down for the six individual sections for your advanced searched.

Updates – You can filter your results based on your connection level. You can set updates from

your immediate network – from friends of your friends, friends to friends, or your third level

marketing. You can also filter by time, location, range, etc.

People – You can filter by relationship, location, school, and industry. There are several more

options available if you have a premium membership.

Jobs – You can filter by how current the jobs are, the industry they are in, the experience that is

required, etc. There are a number of other search options available in this section.

Companies – You can filter by industry, location, company size, relation, fortune, etc.

Groups – In groups you can filter by language and category.

Answers – You can filter by categories, and you can even add multiple categories.

With so many options, you shouldn’t have too much difficulty seeking out exactly what you

need, especially if you also use the search Boolean operators. Using these operators, you can

exclude words, add words, combine two or more phrases, and add that final touch to your

search. Tweaking ensures you get the exact results you were looking for.

Understanding how to use the LinkedIn searches to their fullest capability offers you stimulating

opportunities that will inspire you to search more creatively not just on LinkedIn but on other

social media sites too.

Building Meaningful LinkedIn Relationships

If you have any type of professional life, which most of us do, you should have signed up at

LinkedIn. You will create a profile just as you do on other social media sites. However, just

setting up your profile is not enough. You need to make sure your profile is complete and

working effectively so that you get the most benefit and value from it.

LinkedIn is recognized as a very effective way for professionals and businesses to build

relationships that eventually will lead to business opportunities. It is also recognized as a great

way to strengthen your network, maintaining it and keeping it strong, and ensuring you get the


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