International Bacon Day: Deals and Specials for National Bacon Day 2022

It’s time to get excited, bacon lovers! International Bacon Day is just around the corner and National Bacon Day 2022 is set to be the biggest and best yet! Celebrate this delicious day of all things bacon with amazing deals and specials from all around the world. From mouth-watering bacon dishes to sizzling discounts on bacon-flavored products, there’s something for everyone to enjoy on International Bacon Day. So grab your favorite bacon-inspired items and get ready to celebrate National Bacon Day 2022 in style!

History of Bacon

The history of bacon dates back to early civilization. People have been consuming and enjoying bacon since prehistoric times. There is evidence that people have been eating bacon since at least 5000 B.C. During the Middle Ages, pigs were kept on farms and bacon was a staple food in Europe. Bacon was especially popular among farmers who needed a quick and easy source of protein.

Today, bacon is enjoyed worldwide and has become a popular breakfast food. Every year on August 30th, International Bacon Day is celebrated around the world. National Bacon Day is celebrated in the United States each year on December 30th. This international bacon day foodie holiday has become an important part of many cultures, and people from all over the world are getting in on the celebration.

In Tampa Bay, the Morning Blend show has featured International Bacon Day every year. On social media, happy bacon day posts flooded Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook feeds during August. Everyone loves bacon, and people are finding more and more creative ways to enjoy this tasty treat. From bacon tacos to bacon potato poppers, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Whether you’re a fan of Canadian bacon funny or just need more bacon, it’s time to get your bacon on and celebrate International Bacon Day with deals and specials for National Bacon Day 2022.

Tips for Celebrating Bacon Day

Bacon is one of the most beloved ingredients in the world. In honor of National Bacon Day 2022, why not celebrate this savory treat by doing something extra special? Here are some ideas on how to make the most out of your International Bacon Day festivities:

  1. Make your bacon-inspired dishes. Everyone loves bacon and there are so many delicious recipes you can create using it. You could make bacon potato poppers, a bacon taco, or bacon sticks! Whatever you decide to make, it’ll be sure to be a hit.
  2. Have a bacon party! Invite your friends over for a bacon-filled evening. Serve up a variety of bacon-inspired dishes and drinks, including everyone’s favorite, bacon, and eggs.
  3. Get your bacon on! If you’re feeling adventurous, try out some unusual recipes featuring bacon, like Thunderbirds101 Bacon or Canadian Bacon Funny.
  4. Shop for deals and specials on bacon. There are plenty of online retailers offering discounts on bacon in honor of International Bacon Day. Take advantage of these deals and stock up on tasty bacon for future meals!
  5. Add more bacon to everything! Bacon makes everything better, so why not add some extra bacon to your favorite dishes? Or if you’re feeling daring, try out a “needs more bacon” recipe for a unique twist on an old classic.
    No matter how you decide to celebrate National Bacon Day 2022, be sure to have fun and get your bacon on!


On International Bacon Day, foodies around the world come together to celebrate this iconic food. And what better way to show your bacon love than by whipping up some tasty treats? To get you started, here are some creative recipes that are sure to satisfy your bacon cravings on National Bacon Day 2022: Deals and Specials.

Bacon Potato Poppers: This scrumptious snack combines the rich flavor of bacon with the creamy texture of potatoes. Start by parboiling some potatoes, then cut them into bite-sized pieces. Wrap each piece in a slice of bacon and place it on a baking sheet. Bake for about 15 minutes or until the bacon is crispy and golden. Add some salt and pepper, and enjoy!

Bacon Taco: Who doesn’t love tacos? They’re the perfect way to celebrate International Bacon Day! Start by frying up some bacon in a pan, then layer it onto a soft taco shell. Top it with some shredded cheese and diced tomatoes and onions, and you’ve got yourself a delicious meal!

Bacon Sticks: Give your friends something to talk about with these flavorful bacon sticks! Start by cutting thick strips of bacon into manageable lengths. Roll each strip in your favorite seasonings, then bake in the oven at 400°F for about 15 minutes. Serve warm with your favorite dip.

Everyone Loves Bacon: Celebrate International Bacon Day with a plate full of tasty bacon-centric dishes! Try cooking up some classic bacon and eggs, or maybe make some bacon-wrapped dates stuffed with cream cheese. The possibilities are endless when it comes to celebrating with everyone’s favorite food!

Get Your Bacon On: Bacon-lovers rejoice! There’s no shortage of ways to get your bacon fix on International Bacon Day. From bacon tacos to bacon potato poppers, you’ll find something for everyone. So gather your friends and family, and get your bacon on!

Deals and Specials

It’s time to celebrate National Bacon Day 2022 with some amazing deals and specials. Celebrate International Bacon Day in style with discounts on tasty bacon products, bacon-themed gifts, and more. From Canadian Bacon Funny t-shirts to bacon tacos and everyone’s favorite, bacon potato poppers, there’s something for every bacon fan. For the true foodie holiday fans, check out Tampa Bay Morning Blend’s International Bacon Day festivities and get your bacon on. And don’t forget to grab some Thunderbirds101 bacon sticks and make sure you’ve got enough bacon to get through the day!

There are so many delicious ways to celebrate International Bacon Day, from classic bacon sandwiches to creative recipes like Bacon Rant and Bacon Taco bowls. Everyone loves bacon, so get creative with it and have some fun. Get your friends together and host a Happy Bacon Day party, or whip up some tasty Bacon Poppers for the kids. And don’t forget to post about it on social media with the hashtag #NeedsMoreBacon.

So this National Bacon Day 2022, head to the store for some tasty deals and specials, then start cooking up some delicious bacon dishes. It’s sure to be a day to remember!


International Bacon Day is a holiday for foodies, bacon lovers, and everyone who loves a good meal. This year, National Bacon Day 2022: Deals and Specials will be celebrated around the world with tasty bacon recipes, funny Canadian Bacon jokes, and more. Everyone loves bacon – get your bacon on and celebrate with bacon tacos, bacon sticks, potato poppers, and more. Let’s all show our appreciation for the deliciousness of bacon by celebrating International Bacon Day in style. Happy Bacon Day everyone!

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