What are the benefits of an e-shram Card | e-shram Card update

What are the benefits of an e-shram Card…?? And why had our government-induced and for who can apply it …??

We all know that your Indian Government always thinks about public welfare and development but Due to the pandemic we all have faced many problems so to recover from that government has included many schemes for us related to that scheme I  will tell you. Our government has recently launched a scheme for people who are still struggling to help them. This is one of the best schemes for those who want all the benefits for their progress and their benefits.  





The main aim of the government is to add this e-shram to take information for unemployed workers to help them in further any kind of pandemic or incident. 

E Shram Card this card will enroll in other schemes also ( like your document Aadhar card) it is valid everywhere in India we can use it as our personal document for any new upcoming schemes. Related to this scheme, the government will help those un-employees to develop their skills and give them opportunities for their job and to fill their basic needs. 

Who to apply ..?? And what documents are required for it  …?? 

E-shram Card can be applied online and to the center nearby you there also you can apply for it. 

  1. Aadhar 

  2. Aadhar should be linked to your mobile. 

  3. Bank account 

Who to apply ..?? And what documents are required for it  …??



You can easily apply it below. I will mention a link where you can register.

There are some limits to e-Shram Card are 

Ages from 16 to 59 can apply for it.

This scheme is only for those who are really required to help them. Recently the government has announced that the person who has applied for an e-shram Card will get 1000 Rs per month to their respective bank which they have linked to their e-shram Card.  

You need only one-time registration for it.

Early e-shram Cards were renewed every year but this new updated e-shram Card is not required only once to register.

Benefits of What are the benefits of an e-shram Card…?? Card

Benefits of What are the benefits of an e-shram Card…?? Card 

E-shram cards received after registration will be accepted across the country.

Accidental insurance coverage through PMSBY for years.  

Rs 2 lakh in case of accidental death and permanent disability. 

Social security benefits will be delivered through eSHRAMPort. ( This is also a scheme every you register your pension and secure and after 60 age you can receive 3000 regarding your pension this registration had started.  ) The below link has been mentioned below. 

There are many schemes that you can take benefit from it but after this e-shram Card only you can view it. 

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